Frequently Asked Questions

     What are some factors that may affect homeowner’s premiums?


 The age and condition of your home
Your home’s replacement cost
The construction materials used in your home
Availability of local fire protection
Your claims history
Your credit score



      What are some types of homeowner’s policy discounts that may
      be available?


Age of home
Good claims experience for three consecutive years
Other policies with same company or group
Burglar, fire, and smoke alarm systems
Fire extinguishers
Home security devices
Impact resistant roofs
How do I make changes to my auto policy when I purchase
a new vehicle?


 Go to Manage your insurance policy and we can make those changes for you.



      What are the different types of insurance that Starwood
      Insurance Group offers?


 To find out about all of the lines of insurance we have made available to you and get a free, no obligation quote or Call 1-972-636-5810 Today!
Who do I contact if I have other questions?
 Contact your insurance professionals here at Starwood Insurance Group.
What is the contact information for the Department of Insurance